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About Our Uganda Orphanage Mission

Kibiito Children's Home 

Make a real difference

All donations to Mission of Hope & Peace Children's Home Uganda are sent directly to them for the specific use of meeting clothing, food, shelter, health care and medication needs. A mission program outreach supported by Spirit Of Life Christian Center.


Help is need for treatments 



I Koojo Sam,  the director Mission of Hope and Peace children’s home, humbly greet you in the name of Jesus Christ and extend more of my greetings from the kids and Landlord who are very happy for the work you are doing.


First and foremost, I would like to thank you for your giving into the lives of the children. Improved sanitation has been important for them. On the issue of hygiene which is consistently improving there are still some difficulties like lack of clothes, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes. The two shaving machines that we use every week for trimming the kids’ hair are spoilt, so we are requesting help to maintain hygiene.


Secondly on the issue of reopening schools, recently H.E Y.K Museveni the President of Uganda, addressed the nation and re-opened schools for students to resume next week so kids are to be back to school on the day of opening since the country have been in lockdown since March 2020-to-date. So the situation has not been good.


I want to inform you since Mid-August up to November it’s the rainy season and brings disadvantages like frequent flooding, which affects the plantations and causes poor environment that can lead to diseases. The road we have been using was too long to reach to the destination and when it rains too much even the community people cannot use it because of the mud, so the Landlord has given us a piece of land for a short-cut road for ease of movement for the kids so they can move freely to and from the Orphanage.


Feeding: We have been feeding only one type of food that is Posho and Beans. So we have been requesting to change the meal at least twice a week to improve on the diet which will need an extra of $150. Sometimes we have been lacking breakfast due to shortage of food mostly when we use maize for for porridge. There is not enough for the whole week, so if we can get an extra $150, it would help them to provide them with daily breakfast. On the issue of utensils; two saucepans we bought last time, we have been using them on a daily basis preparing porridge for breakfast, lunch and supper so far one has started leaking, so we need two more saucepans which cost $50 each.


We only have one bathroom which is being used by both girls & boys, plus the volunteers. So we need two bathrooms for the kids and the old one can be used for the for volunteers. Since schools will resume next week, all kids are expected to be on time for classes.


On the other hand, we are so grateful for our 14 volunteers who sacrifice their time to help the kids. They don’t receive any salary but work for the wellbeing of kids, so I requested to make them happy by buying them soap, salt, sugar to use at their homes as the only way to pay and thank them.

In service,

Pr. Koojo Sam



Disasters of 2018

A series of disasters struck Uganda during 2018. Leaving all 130 kids who live at Kibiito Children's Home in jeopardy.

Forest Fire


Flooding followed, destroying farms and gardens in the region.

Image by Constant Loubier


Wildfires burned their home, along with their meager supplies, beds, bedding and clothes.

On Fire


Several children perished as a result of sickness, disease.

Image by Rene Bernal

Faith in God

Faith in God'd Word has brought them from destruction to hope for a better life.  

Image by Yannis H

Blessed with help from others, they have moved into a home property, have planted a garden, received a cow & calf, have blankets and beds, shoes and clothes. However, their needs continue.

Gardening Rake
Girl Praying

A Better Life

Believing God to meet their needs as they progress towards self-sufficient of owning their home property, garden, cows and chickens. 

  • Food

  • Clothes

  • Blankets

  • Medication

  • Hygiene products

  • Rent

Prayers and donations from caring people they have opportunities for a better life. 

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